About Ben Coomber

The BMF Nutrition program has been built for you, for you to achieve your goals, get results, and be happy, fit, healthy and high performing. For some time now BMF has worked with Ben Coomber, in fact in 2009 BMF completed a diet study with Ben for his university degree. This has helped formulate this BMF Nutrition program, so you could argue we’ve been building this nutrition system since 2009.

Ben Coomber is one of the industries most respected and sought after nutritionist’s, and we are delighted to be working with him here at BMF. Now what’s important for you is trust, trust in us, the program, and Ben. And one reason we chose to work with Ben is that he has been there, he’s been through the problems you face, and can share this with you through both his experience and knowledge. Ben was once obese, suffered from ADHA, asthma, eczema and IBS, so he knows the challenges people face in getting fit, healthy and developing the athleticism they dream of. Ben is a product of his work, and lives and breathes nutrition, lifestyle and optimal health and performance, all while living life to the full.

Welcome to the BMF Nutrition program, explore, have a look around, experience it, and see if working with Ben over the next 12 weeks is the right path to achieve your goals…