BMF Nutrition with Ben Coomber

Sign up to our 12 week nutrition programme that will educate you to make positive changes to your life.

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What is BMF Nutrition?

BMF Nutrition is all about you achieving your goals. Let BMF nutritionist Ben Coomber take you on a 12-week journey to help you lose fat, improve your health, performance and recovery, and above all teach you these life skills so you never have to diet again, and these results last forever.

Immerse yourself in 12 weeks of online instructional videos, education and motivation from industry expert Ben Coomber. Each week you will learn more about your body, health, your goals, and how to change, all from the comfort of your home. So get ready to start with our Fat Loss and Health programme.

12 week online course

You will receive a weekly video from Ben Coomber, BMF Nutritionist who will discuss various aspects on your chosen programme. Once you have signed up, you will have unlimited access to this content.

12 nutrition handouts

Each week, you will also receive an in depth handout, written by Ben which goes into each weekly topic in more depth. You can download our high quality handouts and save for future reference.

Weekly quiz

You can measure your progress throughout the programme by completing a short online quiz each week. At the end of the programme, you will receive a certificate that confirms your completion of the programme.

Fat Loss and Health

If you want to lose body fat, understand what is in your food, understand what to eat and what not to eat, learn how to control your portions in an easy and manageable way, learn how to optimise your sleep and lifestyle so you have more energy, understand the truth behind healthy eating in a sustainable way, how to fuel your BMF training sessions, and manage stress better for overall improved well-being, then the Fat Loss & Health Program is perfect for you.